Horray! Your Puzzy is a:

Seductive Strategista


I am FranZiska and I congratulate you on your PuzzyNality! 

I created the term Puzzynality to describe the unique qualities of your sexual power and personality.  I feel it’s time to take back the positive playful and confident energies we as women can have, so let’s embrace this new word and conversation!”

When you know your PuzzyNality, you not only hold the key to transform sexual challenges into pleasure, but how to enrich your entire life. Your Puzzynality  gives you your sexual fingerprint, which is nothing less than who you are as a sexual being, what you like and how. 

Most women go through life without really knowing their PuzzyNality. Sadly, no one teaches this to us! But when we honor the personality of our puzzy, we improve our. well-being and with that we open ourselves up for success.  

The secrets of The Seductive Strategista help you recognize both your opportunities and challenges. This knowledge is crucial to create pleasure, vitality and joy instead of pain, numbness, and frustration.


Before I tell you all about your PuzzyNality, let me introduce myself briefly:

Salut! I’m FranZiska!

For over 15 years I have been a burlesque rockstar. In that mission I have performed and teached in 14 different countrys.I am also a proud member at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.13 years ago I became a mentor for sexual health and female empowerment. I am a certified ade-egg fascilitator and sexual trauma release practitioner.

My own experience with years of chronic pelvic pain led me to explore the connection between sexual health and trauma. Today I am a certified Yoni-whisperer and have developed the PuzzyWizdom-System, which mentors women around the world into their empowerment.


And now to you!

Congratulations! Your Puzzy is a

Seductive Strategista

You reign over “Your Empire” as a pragmatic problem solver.

This means you are an intelligent thinker with a sharp sense of reality. It’s in your nature to uncover “underlying systems and hidden solutions.” Your structured approach and thirst for knowledge make it easy for you to stay focused on a “tough nut” until you crack it. You probably also have an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics.

Some people say you don’t like to relinquish control to others, and when you’re convinced of something, you can be quite stubborn. What they don’t understand is that your contribution to society consists of following what is proven and what works. This gifts us not only with clear decisiveness but also with many great solutions. Thank you for that!

In everyday life, it might look like this: You’re at a party and you’re a bit excited because you came with the intention of flirting with the hot guy you’ve had your eye on for a long time. Suddenly, there’s a power outage. While everyone else sits around indecisively, nervously waiting and giggling, you’re already looking for the fuse box. While you fix the problem and turn the lights back on, “your guy” has used the darkness differently and is now flirting arm in arm with a new acquaintance.

If you identify with some of the challenges mentioned above, it might be a good reason to work with me.

Let me tell you the story of Dagmar, who is also a Seductive Strategista. When she came to me, she felt very trapped in her pragmatism and her marriage. She had everything she needed and could afford everything she wanted. Still, she felt empty and longed for intimacy with her husband. Through working with me and attending several Burlesque-Empuzzyment workshops, she profoundly connected with herself. At 64, she finally left her marriage, got herself a lovely apartment, and fulfilled her long-time wish of getting her eyelashes tinted.

Would you like to understand more and experience these sorts of benefits right now? Click the button below and book your free 20-minute snuffle-session with me. Find out how much your Puzzynality is expressed in your current life in this moment and what you wish for in order to feel free and happy.

Let’s do magic!



If you left me your email address, you’ll receive the “Ninja Tools” in the coming days. This is a five-step empowerment process via email that helps you gradually make more room for your PuzzyNality in your everyday life without having to do anything extra.

I want you to BE YOU – just more!

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Smile With all the lips You have


The four pillars of PuzzyWizdom

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Essence der





FranZiska in meiner Stadt:

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Das Wichtigste, was ich gelernt habe ist die Fähigkeit gleichzeitig bei mir sein und nach Aussen gehen zu können.

Ulrieke, 43 – PuzzyWizdom-System

Das Wichtigste was ich gelernt habe war, die Verbindung zu mir selbst, zu meinen Emotionen, zu meiner Sinnlichkeit – zu mehr Weiblichkeit. Nichts war unwichtig, nichts verwirrend.

Doreen, 36 – PuzzyWizdom-System

Du bist der Hammer!

Sandra, 56 – PuzzyWizdom-System